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Plain awesome!

One file at a time?

So we transfer our files over from the computer...and have to move them into a folder one file at a time on the iPad? Are you kidding me...what did I miss? I guess if I was making minimum wage, it would be worth the time...

Great Suite

This package does everything that I need it to do.


This app is a knock-off Microsoft Office, but it is REALLY good!

Decent Office App

This is a decent app for basic office documents, and such. Like more than Microsoft Office. Seems easier to use.

New to this

Just got this. Will how it works. not as easy as with a full computer and keyboard


Fantastic Fantastic



Cannot save as ODT

I purchased this for one reason alone: to be able to edit my Dropbox openoffice documents using my iPad. This app does NOT let you save as ODT format back to dropbox. Manual in the app says. "OpenDocument files can be accessed and edited, but changes must be saved as another file format. " Grumble.

Best spreadsheet program

This is the first free spreadsheet program that would let me edit Excel spreadsheets without jumping through hoops.

Cannot save to dropbox as ODT

I purchased this for one reason alone: to be able to edit my Dropbox open office documents using my iPad. Caveat, it will not let you save as ODT format back to dropbox. Why? I have no clue.

Great System, But Needs Spell Check For Presentation Slides

I believe this is the App version that I have, the paid for version. It would be a five star if you provided spell check for Slides / Presentations. That is a critical need when developing presentations. The Auto Correct helps, but it misses far too many errors. Therefore, I have to open the Presentation Slides in KeyNote to review the spelling. You provide the Spell Check capability for the Premium versions on Androids, but not on iPads? You have the Program Code, now please adopt it to the iPad version.

Great App

I used it for a class and it offered so much flexibility. I could load information from gmail and easily edit the content. It has been reliable and offers the opportunity to work offline. Great versatility. It was worth the money.


Im gonna

Much easier interface

Very user-friendly. Much easier to use than excel for Mac

Does not work with .ods documents.

Every time I tried to open an Open Office .ods spreadsheet, it crashes. The only reason I bought this app.

Where Is Spell Check & Paragraph Settings For Presentations

The Settings feature for Presentations does not provide for a Spell Check Capability. Is that available on paid version? Also, Paragraph settings capability is not available for Presentations. Is it available with Paid Version? One cannot tell from the features list as it merely notes the ability to edit — which has different meanings to different persons. Absent the availability of those additional features, it would not be worth upgrading to a purchased version or using the free version.

Free version worthless

Couldnt accomplish anything with the free version. Maybe if was me but I found all it did was try to get me to buy the upgrade.


Confusing and not user-friendly

Just alright at the moment

There is a bug with iCloud Drive. I sent a message to support a week ago and got no response.

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